UK consumers are well used to comparison websites for everything from electricity and gas thru bank accounts, credit cards and so on. Now a firm called Rightcharge has launched what it claims is the UK’s first and only electric vehicle (EV) energy tariff, home charging and installation online comparison service.

The free to use platform enables leasing companies, as well as franchise dealerships and independent retailers, to offer motorists a tailored comparison of home charge points and energy tariffs designed for electric car drivers, combined with recommended installers for the charger.

Growing environmental awareness, tightening government legislation and the rapidly falling costs of EVs is driving dramatic growth in the ownership of zero emission vehicles, with registrations up 157% so far this year, compared to 2019.

The site offers:

  • Home EV charger – compares the widest range of smart chargers on the market today, matching them to drivers’ individual needs. Some drivers focus on cost, while others focus on technology or aesthetics – there is no one-size-fits-all – and it finds the best options to compare. By choosing the correct home charger and energy tariff, drivers can save more than GBP200 per year on energy bills, it is claimed.
  • Installation provider – Rightcharge has built a UK-wide network of over 30 of the UK’s best installation companies, all of which are government-approved to safely install home EV charge points. By connecting drivers with trusted local installers at the best price, customers can save up to GBP110 on home charging installation costs. Rightcharge monitors the performance of all partners through customer feedback to ensure the best customer service. 
  • Energy tariff comparison – Rightcharge is claimed to be the first and only comparison service to consider a customer’s EV when comparing energy tariffs. By asking questions about the homeowner’s car and displaying specialist EV tariffs – something that no other energy comparison site currently does – Rightcharge finds bill payers the cheapest and greenest energy tariffs on the market, that will ensure their EV is charged at the lowest cost possible.

By partnering with Rightcharge, retailers will earn commission for every consumer that installs their home charger or switches energy tariff through the platform, meaning businesses will enjoy an additional revenue stream without incurring any cost or risk. Retailers and leasing organisations also have the flexibility to white label and integrate the tools within their existing website, or provide a unique URL to direct customers to the website. If a partner likes, Rightcharge can also handle all home charging questions to reduce pressure on the partner’s sales team. 

The launch of the online comparison service followed a pilot programme with JustEVs, a specialist supplier of battery electric vehicles, and Newmarket Motoring Company, a vehicle leasing specialist.