Malaysia's Ho Wah Genting said it plans to launch a battery-powered electric vehicle in the local market, the Seiyong S1, supplied by Chinese startup Seiyong Motor.

The compact electric car is powered by a 32kWh battery pack, providing a range of just over 300km (200 miles) and a maximum speed of 110km/h (70mph). The company claims the car can be fully recharged in 40 minutes.

Ho Wah CEO Datuk Aaron Lim expects Beijing-based Seiyong Motor "will become a key player in the global electric vehicle (EV) industry in the next three to five years with its Seiyong S1".

He added: "We believe the Seiyong S1 will push Malaysia's EV industry towards a brighter future."

The Seiyong S1 in China is priced at between CNY70,000 (US$10,700) and CNY 90,000 (US$13,760) which Datuk Lim sees as a good starting point for the local market.

He believes the Seiyong S1 is suitable for "all the consumer groups, from housewives and college students to corporate executives and white-collar workers".