Hitachi Capital and Gridserve Sustainable Energy have announced a partnership to create the infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

The partnership will see Gridserve develop hybrid solar farms in conjunction with a new network of solar-powered Electric Forecourts to provide ultra-fast, charging for all types of electric vehicles.

The UK-wide network of more than 100 Electric Forecourts will be delivered during the next five years supported by undisclosed multi-million-pound funding provided by Hitachi Capital UK.

Hitachi Capital UK’s loan facility to Gridserve will facilitate projects including hybrid solar farms in British counties, Gloucestershire and Lincolnshire and the soon-to-open Electric Forecourt close to Braintree, Essex, with space for 24 vehicles to charge simultaneously in 20-30 minutes at a rate of up to 350 kW.

More sites are under development.

Gridserve maintains it will generate zero carbon solar energy to supply the Electric Forecourt network, in combination with large battery storage systems to deal with the intermittent nature of solar power and meet the growing demand for sustainable energy.

In addition to the loan facility, Hitachi Capital and Gridserve, in conjunction with Hitachi Europe SIB, are working together on various green energy focused projects including electrification of the UK bus network and the supply of electric vehicles with charging included at Gridserve Electric Forecourts.

“As well as providing significant financial backing to accelerate our ability to deliver sustainable energy and meet net zero carbon emission targets in the earliest possible time-frames, Hitachi Capital has a wealth of experience, knowledge, resources and expertise to support our collective success,” said Gridserve Sustainable Energy CEO, Toddington Harper.

“We look forward to launching our first Electric Forecourt together in a few months and delivering many additional projects over the next few years.”