HiPhi, Human Horizons’ premium smart all-electric vehicle brand, and Givaudan , the world-renowned flavour and fragrance company, have announced their strategic partnership to curate ‘HiPhi’s unique onboard fragrances’.

As the first new energy vehicle brand to collaborate with Givaudan, HiPhi says it is excited to be working with such a ‘fine fragrance company to jointly develop innovative new products through the use of new ingredients and technical innovations that are catalysing the future of fragrance creation’.

HiPhi’s brand spirit, which is “to explore, to be free and to create” and its vision of “a diverse world in harmony” is complementary to that of Givaudan’s, which is “to inspire emotion through creation every day, everywhere.”

Ding Lei, CEO and founder of HiPhi, noted, “Givaudan’s rich heritage of innovation has helped establish its market leadership and will drive the future of the business. We are delighted to create a thrilling, immersive experience to HiPhi vehicles through premium fragrances.”

To deliver on this commitment, Givaudan has entered into collaborations with external players such as academia, start-ups, technology providers and research institutions. The strategic partnership with HiPhi will be one that spreads a culture of innovation in ways that extend beyond the conventional boundaries of scent-crafting.

“This is the first time Givaudan fragrances has been incorporated in the space of new energy vehicles, we are thrilled to be working with HiPhi to explore new possibilities and bringing premium experiences through the olfactory sense,” says Gilles Andrier, CEO of Givaudan.

The HiPhi Fragrance System comes supplied with two select fragrances, which have been exclusively developed by a renowned perfumer from the global specialist Givaudan Perfumery School in Paris.

HiPhi owners can also use other fragrances, or even have one specially developed and enjoy the luxury of immersing themselves in their very own, personally designed aroma. The individual fragrance holders can hold 3 at one time.

For 250 years, Givaudan has created perfumes and flavours of premium quality, innovating and inspiring trends in scent and taste. Opened in 1946, the Givaudan Perfumery School set the standard for modern perfumery training and has since trained many international perfumers of the past and present.

Givaudan’s Perfumery School strikes the perfect balance between heritage and innovation, mixing traditional learning techniques with state-of-the-art tools and technology. Headquartered in Vernier, Switzerland, the company operates in over 40 countries worldwide. Givaudan Fragrances has a long-standing record of being the hand-picked name for luxury goods companies such as LVMH, Kering, Hermès, etc.

The world of fragrance is highly creative, but it remains founded on science and technology. HiPhi has been continuously exploring the different possibilities of multi-dimensional sensory experience. With this partnership, the two companies will jointly develop creative innovation and premium immersive experience onboard the HiPhi through the olfactory senses. The first model, HiPhi X, will reach small volume production by the end of 2020 and customer deliveries in 2021.

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