The two companies note that e-mobility issues facing the transportation industry are becoming apparent. For instance, the adoption of electric vehicles requires going through complicated processes with several business operators, including not only concluding contracts for vehicles, but installing charging facilities and concluding contracts for using electricity as well, which is an obstacle to electric vehicle adoption. Furthermore, meticulous management of vehicle operation and charging is necessary in daily operation in order to prevent a decline in the vehicle operating rate and electricity shortage when e-mobility vehicles are in operation due to charging inefficiency.

Hino Motors and KEPCO say they will endeavor to offer solutions to issues in e-mobility adoption and operation by utilizing their knowledge of commercial vehicles and electricity through the newly founded company. Aiming to build a platform open to a variety of business operators, including vehicle manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, IT vendors, and power companies, we will provide packaged solutions optimized according to each user’s business model and purpose of using e-mobility as a one-stop service at a fixed monthly fee.