Here Technologies is partnering with Bridgestone for mobility development.

As a first step, Bridgestone’s Mobility Solutions Unit is making anonymised connected vehicle data available on the Here Marketplace – a hub for global location data exchange and a platform to build location applications that accelerate data-driven innovation across industries.

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions services more than 1.2m vehicles. Bridgestone telematics and mobility solutions are used across many industries such as construction, utilities, emergency services and passenger transport and are found in vehicles from LCVs, trucks, EVs and trailers, to powered assets.

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions is also seeking to use connected vehicle data to improve smart city operations, road safety and traffic management.

The Here Marketplace is now offering probe data from Bridgestone Mobility Solutions. The probe data includes latitude, longitude, time, heading, and vehicle type, resulting in an average of 15bn data points per month.

Temperature, fuel level, battery usage or acceleration can be leveraged for road safety and maintenance use cases.

Bridgestone parking datasets will also be added to the Here Marketplace. They include latitude, longitude, start and end time, as well as the vehicle type.

Bridgestone notes it has implemented several layers and methods to anonymise and aggregate data, including density based spatial clustering of applications with noise and in compliance with GDPR guidelines.

Here says its Marketplace offers secure data exchange, essential location data and technology.

The Marketplace is a core component of the Here platform. The platform’s capabilities include Here Workspace, a cloud-based environment to create, deploy and scale location-centric data products, services and applications securely and Here Studio, a web application to visualise geospatial data and create custom web maps.

“Here’s global and privacy-by-design DNA and its rich eco-system of partners makes its marketplace the right platform for Bridgestone to make our connected vehicle data available to innovative companies,” said Bridgestone Mobility Solutions VP Data Solutions, Raghunath Banerjee.

“This is the first step of a partnership that we will grow in the coming years.”