Samsung Electronics subsidiary Harman has acquired Apostera, a German automotive technology company.

Harman said Apostera’s augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) software products would expand its automotive product offerings and “position the company at the forefront of automotive AR/MR experience design”.

“Harman is dedicated to delivering in-car experiences with the speed and flexibility of consumer technology together with the reliability and performance of automotive grade products,” said automotive division president Christian Sobottka. “By seamlessly blending AR with the physical environment, Apostera’s mixed reality solution furthers this goal, transforming any display in the car into a richly contextual experience.”

Apostera’s mixed reality product combines augmented reality, machine learning, computer vision and sensor fusion in a “hardware-agnostic” software platform.

“Combined with Harman’s digital cockpit product portfolio, these new software products will bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds,” the supplier said in a statement.

Apostera workers will join Harman as part of the company’s automotive division.