Haldex has launched its Driving Innovation for a Safer and Greener World, as well as a renewed plan for 2025.

“With the new vision, we show Haldex is driving innovation within braking systems, actively moving ahead of the industry,” said Haldex president and CEO, Jean-Luc Desire.

“Our solutions are safer in terms of braking stability, and greener in terms of energy efficiency. Through strategic partnerships, we challenge existing technology, while remaining an independent partner in the value chain.”

In connection with the review, the Haldex board has decided to update the financial growth target to organically grow faster than the company’s end markets.

The previous growth target was to organically grow in line with or faster than the company’s end markets.

Remaining financial targets remain unchanged from those updated earlier this year, namely:

• Profitability target: Achieve a sustainable operating margin above 10%
• Capital structure: A net debt/equity ratio of less than 1.5 (incl. IFRS 16)
• Dividend policy: The dividend shall correspond to 1/3 of the annual net profit taking into account the company’s long-term investment needs and financial position.