Haldex and the Wielton Group have agreed cooperation where Haldex will be a leading supplier.

The parties have signed a three year contract for supply of EBS and air suspension systems to the Wielton Group, a trailer manufacturer in Europe.

The group makes 16,000 vehicles per year, and their portfolio of brands is Wielton, Poland (8,000 trailers), Fruehauf, France (5,000), Lawrence David, UK (2,500) and Langendorf, Germany, (1,000). 

EBS controls the braking system electronically and can distribute the braking force differently between the wheels depending on need which results in a claimed shorter braking distance compared to systems without EBS where the braking force on the wheels is always the same.

This is the first contract for supply of the new generation Haldex EBS 4.0.

"This contract gives us an excellent opportunity to introduce our new EBS 4.0 for trailers for the whole Wielton Group and to grow the service and aftermarket throughout Europe", said Haldex Europe VP Klaus Regenfuss.

With an estimated contract value of [two digit million euro], the current partnership has been significantly expanded, according to the supplier.

Operations start at the end of first quarter 2021.