GreenMobility has signed a Letter of Intent with the Austrian Automobile and Touring Club (ÖAMTC) to cooperate on shared mobility.

The move is part of GreenMobility’s strategy of international expansion after having gained a foothold in Copenhagen.

The establishment in Austria follows GreenMobility’s strategy from planned entries in cities such as Malmö, Gothenburg and Antwerp, where GreenMobility aims to launch its own operation locally.

ÖAMTC is the largest automobile club in Austria with more than 2.2m members. In 2018 the organisation launched ÖAMTC easy way, a shared e-moped service with 315 e-mopeds in Vienna and Graz.

GreenMobility and ÖAMTC will seek to combine the two services and create an integrated mobility sharing service, where customers can choose between different electric vehicles. A further goal of the cooperation is to combine the resources and experience of both companies to jointly develop and market mobility services.

In addition to the ÖAMTC-agreement, GreenMobility has been approved as an operator and invited to be included in the City of Vienna’s public transport platform, WienMobil.

GreenMobility’s EV sharing service will, from day one, become available to WienMobil’s more than 160,000 users, who will be able to reserve cars directly on the platform.

“Vienna is a perfect city for GreenMobility,” said GreenMobility CEO, Thomas Heltborg Juul. “There is a strong political support for shared mobility and with close to 2m inhabitants, there is a solid potential customer base.

“The strong brand and member base of ÖAMTC combined with the fact we will be included in the WienMobil platform makes me confident our green shared mobility solution is well-positioned to take its fair share of the market.”

GreenMobility expects to launch its operations in Vienna with 400 EVs. The timing of the launch depends on several unnamed factors but is expected to take place in the second half of the year.