Mazda recently cooperated with police in Greece in raiding a parts wholesaler where suspected counterfeit parts were seized.

The seizure in Thessalonica followed intensive investigations by Mazda’s European brand protection department, the local importer, local lawyers, and the local authorities, the company said.

“We take an extremely serious view of the production and distribution of counterfeit products,” said James Muir, president and CEO Mazda Motor Europe, “or any other infringements of our well-known and respected trademarks. But even more importantly, we are committed to protect our customers who may unknowingly purchase such illegal and poor quality products believing them to be genuine Mazda quality.”

Mazda Motor Europe is now tracing the illegal filters. The company has found that most were sold to other independent retailers and distributors in Greece and there is no evidence that any of these filters have entered Mazda’s authorised distribution channels.

“Selling, displaying for sale, or even possessing counterfeit spare parts may lead to serious criminal charges under the relevant legislation on forgery and fraud – not only for manufacturers and wholesalers, but also any retailers and repair outlets,” Mazda warned in a statement.