Goodyear says it is collaborating with connected car company, Voyomotive, to pilot tyre monitoring solutions for more efficient operation of vehicles in the US.  

The Goodyear-enabled service captures and analyses relevant tyre performance data to detect slow loss of pressure, multiple days before the TPMS light illuminates and pending low pressure conditions.

The solution allows customers to correct identified anomalies and establish optimal tyre inflation.

“The safe and efficient operation of consumer vehicles and fleets is important both for today and for the future of mobility,” said Goodyear’s Akron Innovation Lab manager, John Brainerd.

“Goodyear continues to develop and expand our portfolio of digital tyre information to help users realise this goal. We are excited to collaborate with innovative companies like Voyomotive to continue to deliver connected mobility solutions.”

Using real-time vehicle data provided by Voyomotive telematics controllers, information is processed by Goodyear analytics to create tyre pressure loss and pressure alerts, which are sent to customers via the Voyomotive app, SMS messages or to a fleet management system.

This service is being provided to Voyomotive consumer and fleet customers, offering a tyre maintenance advantage and pressure monitoring solution for enhanced vehicle efficiency and safety. With tyre intelligence data, customers can address pressure anomalies, maintaining optimal inflation pressure, which leads to better tyre performance and mileage.

“This is a first of its kind tyre application that uses Voyomotive’s advanced telematics data with Goodyear analytics to increase driving safety and fleet readiness,” added Voyomotive CEO, Peter Yorke.