A top executive has said General Motors’ marketing and promotional spending would return to normal levels after the COVID-19 pandemic which caused the budget to drop in 2020.

“What we went through in the pandemic was certainly severe and we should be moving back up to our normalised levels,” chief marketing officer Deborah Wahl said online at a Reuters Events conference today (12 April).

The news agency said Wahl did not want to discuss this year’s budget but GM cut its marketing spending last year by about $1bn to $2.7bn.

Wahl told the conference GM was engaging with online influencers in a new way, launching vehicles in a more entertaining way and working on personalising communications.

“We’re looking at really changing the way that we spend,” she said.

She added GM would will offer a third party navigation app for 900,000 vehicles which lack the feature.

Maps+ app, from Mapbox, would begin to roll out to some 2018 and newer models on 30 April to customers with some connected services plans, GM told Reuters.