General Motors has announced plans to expand its ‘GM China Advanced Design Center’ in Shanghai, as it looks to strengthen its design capabilities for products sold in China and in other markets worldwide.

The US automaker said it will more than double the studio floor space and milling capacity, introduce more cutting-edge technology and incorporate a more flexible and multifunctional use of space at the Shanghai design centre to help it “stay at the forefront of automotive design in the world’s largest automotive market”.

GM confirmed the expanded centre will also feature a new colour and materials studio, paint shop, virtual reality lab and a second clay modeling studio, while existing facilities will benefit from comprehensive enhancements and upgrades.

The GM China Advanced Design Center, located next to GM China’s headquarters, will be expanded to more than 5,000 square metres overall, allowing the carmaker to attract more local design talent. The upgrade is scheduled to begin this month, with completion set for the second quarter of 2021.

Julian Blissett, GM executive vice president and president of GM China, said in a statement “Shanghai has become home to some of the world’s top automotive design talent and we have seen many stunning car designs (originating here). With its improved capability and world-class resources, the Advanced Design Center will attract more of these outstanding local designers.”

GM’s vice president of Global DesignMichael Simcoe, added “advanced design plays a critical role in the development of GM’s next generation of vehicles around the world. The expansion of the GM China Advanced Design Center will provide an environment for our team members to imagine, create, inspire and develop design strategies for GM’s future product portfolio”.