General Motors has told salaried workers in the US to continue to work from home until at least June 30, 2021, according to a report in the Detroit Free Press (DFP) newspaper .

The report cites an internal GM email that states the “current outlook is to continue operating as we are today until June 30, 2021.” It also said that GM is working to create “a more flexible work culture” after the pandemic.

The DFP report noted that GM had been considering bringing some employees back later this year, but said the revised schedule is the latest sign US business leaders think we’re a long way from having the pandemic under control, either with treatments or a widely available vaccine.

“Every company is struggling with when and how to bring employees back into corporate offices, particularly since mass availability of a vaccine remains months away,” Cox Automotive senior analyst Michelle Krebs told the DFP. “Configuration of workplaces and common areas, like the cafeteria and restrooms, have to be contemplated. Ventilation is a consideration.

“Getting people to and from their offices using elevators is a conundrum. Sure, you can try to limit the number of people in an elevator, but then how do you manage people gathering to wait for the elevator.”