GKN Automotive has launched a new inverter, offering OEMs what it claimed was “the most advanced 800V electric vehicle technology available”.

The upgraded product has efficiency and lightweighting improvements and a 20 percent power output increase over the previous version. Power density is up 50 percent, power to weight ratio rises by 60 percent and copper content is reduced by 63 percent.

A key development is the integration of 800V technology, which will mean faster charging times, increased battery size, and improved performance.

GKN Automotive forecasts the majority of electric vehicles on the market will use the technology by 2025 but the new inverter is also compatible with existing 400V systems.

Christoph Gillen, director of systems engineering, GKN Automotive, said: “We’ve been able to vastly increase performance and improve efficiency. We believe that the future of EV technology is 800V architectures, so it was crucial that this product supported an 800V range.”