Ridecell says  Gig Car Share, powered by AAA Northern California, will use its Mobility Platform for expansion in Seattle.

Gig already uses Ridecell for its other operating cities, including Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Ridecell platform enables Gig to operate its fleet using reservation on the Gig app plus keyless entry and free parking locator within the app. Ridecell also keeps track of cars for service, cleaning and return.

Gig Seattle will start with 250 new Toyota Prius XLE hybrid cars. The Ridecell platform provides Gig with end-to-end automation, driver verification, payment processing, on-demand scheduling and custom analytics. In addition, the platform tracks vehicle locations.

Founded in 2009, Ridecell powers mobility services in cities across Europe and North America.

These include Zity from Ferrovial and Renault, Gig Car Share from AAA Northern California and Blu Smart EV ride sharing service.