Carlos Ghosn's lawyers have asked he be placed on trial separately from Nissan Motor and its former director Greg Kelly.

Reuters said the former Nissan chairman's attorneys had asked for the separate trial because the automaker was helping prosecutors.

He also asked to be dealt with separate from Kelly who was accused along with Ghosn of hiding part of the latter's income.

According to the report, a statement did not say why Ghosn did not want to be tried with Kelly and lawyers were unavailable to comment to Reuters.

Ghosn is alleged to have under-reported income. Last week, an independent committee set up by Nissan Motor to advise on how strengthen corporate governance found the former chairman wielded too much power

It concluded "the root cause of the misconduct was the concentration of all authority in Mr Ghosn" and recommended Nissan add more independent outside directors to its board to help improve executive compensation supervision and overall financial auditing.