Volkswagen’s works council has agreed to working additional shifts at Wolfsburg during the summer shutdown period to meet demand for the Golf.

Dpa-AFX news reported that the employees’ representative organisation agreed to the extra shifts on the basis that it is in the interest of guaranteeing future employment at the plant to build as many cars as possible in Wolfsburg. Works council chief, Bernd Osterloh was however angered that the request for the extra shifts came so late, just four weeks before the plant shutdown was due to begin at the end of July.

Osterloh said it is the job of management to plan long-term and that the issue appears to have revealed some management shortcomings.

No workers will be required to work at such short-notice. “Those who can, will work. Those who can’t will go on holiday,” said Osterloh. Those who do work will be able to chose between being paid for the hours and taking the time off in lieu.

Volkswagen wants to produce around 4,500 additional Golfs during the three week holiday. Normally, it builds around 2,000 a day.