Production at all Volkswagen plants, including the Auto 5000 subsidiary, may stop for three hours on Wednesday as part of a protest in the struggle for power between the workers’ representative works council and Porsche.

The action would affect all six German VW plants, according to a local newspaper, and result in the loss of production of around 250 to 300 Golfs at Wolfsburg.

The three hours would be used by the works council to hold information meetings about Porsche plans for governing Volkswagen should it become a majority shareholder.

The works council is concerned that Porsche Holding SE, a new umbrella organisation for Porsche shares in Porsche and Volkswagen Group, does not give the VW works council as much representation on its board as it currently has on the VW board. The works council wants to put pressure on VW’s largest shareholder, Porsche, to negotiate over this issue.

The report says that such meetings will be held in Wolfsburg and in Hannover at several locations within the plants, and during all three shifts. In Emden two large meetings are planned.

According to the paper, the meetings are not strikes, as these are not allowed under the latest wage agreement. Instead they are meetings designed to inform employees about the dispute with Porsche and the implications of the European Court of Justice overturning the Volkswagen Law.