Volkswagen will adopt product development processes that are currently in use at Audi.

Automotive News has reported that the brand will cut development times by a year and expand its product range by using Audi’s modular architecure strategy.

Speaking with Ulrich Hackenberg, VW‘s new development boss, Automotive News learnt that while Volkswagen does already share modules across segments and brands, it does not develop modules across the range as Audi does.

“With the new strategy, we will need less time and fewer people to create new vehicles,” said Hackenberg.

Audi calls its modular architecture strategy MLB, a German acronym for modular length components. The first example of a car developed using the strategy is the Audi A5 coupe being launched at Geneva this week.

Hackenberg said the first VW to use MLB could arrive in 2012. That is when the next (seventh) generation Golf is due.