Volkswagen Group sales grew 13.8% in the 10 months to October with the company selling 6.8m vehicles, up from 5.9m in the same period last year.

Sales in October, at 688,000, were up 12.4% over October 2010.

But sales chief Christian Klingler cautioned that global markets remain very volatile.

“Developments so far have been very encouraging. We made a good start to the fourth quarter, too,” he said. “However, given the present economic uncertainty and its impact on the automotive industry, we cannot take the fourth quarter for granted. We will continue to keep a very close eye on the situation over the coming months as developments on global markets remain volatile.”

In North America, VW Group’s 10-month sales were up 21.5% at 543,000; in South America the group reported a rise of 8% delivering a total of 777,200 vehicles.

Sales in Asia Pacific were up 17.6% at 2.15m with China accounting for 1.89m of those.

In Europe, group sales climbed 10.7% to just over 3m units with most growth coming from central and eastern Europe (up 28.5%) although the company said it did particularly well in Germany with sales up 11.8% to 960,000.

The breakdown of sales by brand saw VW up 12.1% at 4.24m for the 10-month period; Audi up 18% at just over 1m; Skoda up 16.2% at 741,800 and Seat up 3.2% at 294,000.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles grew deliveries 24.3% to 433,600 units.