Volkswagen believes that proposed European Union CO2 emission limits are achievable.

Ulrich Hackenberg, head of development for the Volkswagen brand, told Automobilwoche that, whilst the limits are demanding: “With its products, Volkswagen is well on its way to reaching the overall goal.”

Hackenberg said that the company would promote BlueMotion models much more heavily than in the past, and continuously improve TDI and TSI engines. Through turbocharging diesel and petrol units, and downsizing, Volkswagen hopes to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of existing and future models.

“Because of our product cycles, just like our competitors, we can plan to gradually introduce complementary CO2 reduction technologies such as more efficient air conditioning units and gear change indicators,” said Hackenberg.

The statements reinforce claims made by Volkswagen group chief executive, Martin Winterkorn, that the automaker is well equipped to meet future technology requirements. At the Automobilwoche conference earlier this month, he stressed the role of suppliers in supporting development work.