Volkswagen Group worldwide deliveries rose 14.4% to 4.75m vehicles in the period from January to July 2011, outperforming a global market up 5.5%.

July volume was up 16.3% to 665,600.

European sales rose 10.2% to 2.2m, North America was up 21.4% to 375,500 units with 249,500 (+20.5%) in the US.

Asia/Pacific sales were up 19.2% to 1.46m with 1.29m (+16.4%) delivered in China.

As reported earlier, Volkswagen Passenger Cars grew 12.5% to 2.95m in January to July.

Audi sales rose 17.4% to 758,900, Škoda was up 19.7% to 523,200 and Seat rose 1.9% to 215,500.