The Volkswagen Group has announced that it delivered 502,600 vehicles worldwide, some 5.1% down on last year. However, it says that result was still stronger than the market which it estimates as down 16% in the period.

During the first ten months VW Group delivered 5.29m vehicles to customers worldwide, up 2.8% on last year.

“There was a further very significant deterioration in the situation for the automotive industry all over the world in October. Our Group continued to gain market share in this difficult environment, even though deliveries in October were down on the same month last year. Our target of selling more vehicles in 2008 than in 2007 remains valid,” Detlef Wittig, Executive Vice President Group Sales and Marketing, said. 

VW Group said that it continued its expansion in growth markets, although the momentum in these markets has also decelerated.

VW Group deliveries in Brazil reached 550,700 vehicles in the first ten months of the year (up 16.7%), while sales in China were up 12.6% to 853,800 units. Sales in Russia were up 64.4% to 107,900 vehicles. In India, the group delivered 16,700 vehicles (up 66%).

Against the backdrop of a continuing deterioration in the overall market, the VW Group delivered 3.0 million vehicles (-0.4%) in Europe during the first ten months, of which 881,500 (up 1..8%) were delivered in Germany and 1.65m (-5.6 percent) in Western Europe (excluding Germany).

Volkswagen Passenger Cars, the Group’s highest-volume brand, delivered 3.1m vehicles to customers worldwide (up 2.1%) of which 439,600 (up 3.2%) were delivered in Germany.