Volkswagen has built its 25 millionth Golf which came off the line in Wolfsburg, Germany, on 23 March.

The first production Golf was assembled in 1974 and within three years volume reached a million.

Over 33 years and four generations later, a 1.4 TSI (the new engine with both a turbocharger and a supercharger) fitted with the BorgWarner-designed twin-clutch direct-shift automated gearbox (DSG) transmission, finished in tornado red, was nominated the 25 millionth example.

Plant manager Dietmar Korzekwa said: “A total of 25m vehicles in 33 years – that is an outstanding achievement of which we can all be proud. Over 15m Golf models have been built in Wolfsburg alone.”

VW claims Wolfsburg is the largest vehicle factory in the world under one roof. The factory grounds cover an area of 6.057 square kilometres – large enough to contain the principality of Monaco. It has its own hospitals, a train station and its own road network totalling 75km. The two power stations at the plant also supply energy and heat to the town of Wolfsburg.

Last year, over 716,000 Golfs were sold worldwide.