An ultra-frugal, single-seater EV is to be revealed in the coming weeks, the UK’s Financial Times claims. It is presumed that the model in question would have its global debut at the Frankfurt motor show on 13 September, the first media day.

The London-based daily quotes Jürgen Leohold, the company’s head of research, as stating that the company is now working on a so-called “well-to-wheel” calculation of such a vehicle’s total environmental impact. In the case of this latest concept car, should the power to recharge it be generated from renewable sources, then the car can be said to be a true zero emissions vehicle.

According to the FT‘s report, the new VW concept car has been designed for limited purposes, such as commuting, as most drivers would want a larger vehicle for longer trips. The Volkswagen executive is quoted as saying that the one-seater would be “even better” than the XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle. This was a two-cylinder diesel-electric plug-in hybrid capable of 313 miles per gallon which the company unveiled at the Qatar motor show in January.

The Volkswagen Group recently confirmed that two new slender experimental EVs, the Audi urban Sportback concept, and the urban Spyder concept, would be revealed at the Frankfurt show. Unlike the VW model which the FT states will soon be revealed, the Audis are two-seaters: the occupants sit in tandem.

Author: Glenn Brooks