Valeo has announced a contract for a compact Rain Light Tunnel (RLT) sensor system that will contribute to safety for all road users on rainy days, at twilight and going through tunnels.

Valeo’s RLT sensor system is the first to be integrated in the base of a rear-view mirror, where it unobtrusively has a clear view of the sky, road ahead and the windshield.

Valeo says that a European luxury car manufacturer has chosen the patented Valeo RLT sensor for a model due to enter production in 2005. Valeo’s sensor business is currently worth over 250 million euros and which includes a range of sensor types.

By automatically switching on the low beams when nighttime falls or when entering a tunnel, the RLT sensor ensures safer driving conditions for both driver and other road users. In addition, driver distraction is reduced because the RLT system adjusts windshield wipers automatically with the intensity of the rainfall, so drivers need not fumble for controls or constantly adjust the pace of wipers.

“This contract win proves the market potential of increasing safety and comfort and reducing a driver’s distractions, such as locating and activating switches,” said Thierry Morin, Valeo Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. “Our engineers and technicians have also raised the general level of highway courtesy, as a car with a RLT sensor system will not forget to turn on headlights at dusk.”