Valeo has announced in Frankfurt at the IAA that the new Renault Clio is equipped with no fewer than 28 Valeo product lines.

Since its launch in 1990, the Renault Clio has been one of the most popular cars in Europe. 8,750,000 Clios have been produced, of which 4,750,000 were Clio IIs, between 1998 and 2005.

The new Renault Clio, produced in Flins in France and Bursa in Turkey, will be equiped with the following Valeo systems:

    – Driving Assistance Domain:
    – Headlamps, Foglamps and Rearlamps,
    – Light control LCS cards,
    – Ultrasonic Park Assist sensors,
    – Complete front and rear wiper systems.
    – Comfort Enhancement Domain:
    – HVAC system,
    – Steering column locks, locksets and keys,
    – Door and trunk latches and strikers,
    – Optical door sensors,
    – Window lift controls,
    – Fuel cap actuator.
    – Powertrain Efficiency Domain:
    – Hydraulic clutch actuation,
    – Flexible flywheel,
    – Gasoline engine control unit,
    – Radiator,
    – Charge air cooler,
    – Condenser,
    – Starter motor,
    – Alternator,
    – Canister purgevalves,
    – Pencil coils,
    – Emission control,
    – Sensors (knocks, camshaft, oil and temperature).

“We are pleased to have assisted Renault in this project for a compact vehicle designed for a segment which accounts for over a third of European automobile sales. With sales per vehicle between EUR300 and EUR500, Valeo has confirmed its ability to offer all-round support to its customers, wherever they are located,” said Valeo Chairman and CEO Thierry Morin.