Germany’s metal workers’ union IG Metall is expected to call for a pay increase of 6.5% in this year’s annual pay round.

Dpa-AFX reported that IG Metall will make the claim for the 3.4m workers in the metal working and electronics industries in Germany. The union is the main representation for the automotive industry.
This would be the largest increase claimed for five years. Regional negotiations begin on 12 March.

Eager to keep costs under control, employers are hoping that this year’s pay increase will below last year’s 3%. They are reported to be considering a one-off bonus to reflect good performance in the sector in the last year, but want to keep the percentage pay increase as low as possible. IG Metall is not currently considering this option.

Pay negotiations will last through to the end of March, while agreements should be reached at the end of April. After that warning strikes are possible.

Last year IG Metall entered negotiations calling for a 5% pay increase.