TRW has been awarded the 1999 General Motors Supplier of the Year Award for excellent performance in Quality, Service, Technology and Price.

This event marks the fourth consecutive time that TRW’s South American Braking business has received this award from General Motors.

Marcos Almeida, president, TRW Automotive South America, accepted the award from General Motors Corp., Detroit, Mich., on behalf of TRW’s South American Braking business, during ceremonies held on Monday, May 22, 2000, at the historic PrinzRegenten Theatre in Munich, Germany.

“TRW’s braking business is one of our best and brightest suppliers,” said Harold R. Kutner, group vice president, Worldwide Purchasing and North American Production Control & Logistics, who hosted the event. “It is an honor to have them working with us. Their contributions to General Motor’s overall success are immeasurable. We look upon the Supplier of the Year award as an important recognition of their value as an automotive supplier.”

The prestigious Supplier of the Year award, celebrating its eighth consecutive year, is given annually to General Motor’s best global suppliers in recognition of their superior performance during the previous calendar year.

“We are very proud to receive this very important Award from General Motors, for the fourth consecutive year,” said Almeida. “This recognition means that our employees have consistently delighted General Motors with best quality, service, technology and price. My many thanks for their effort and dedication in maintaining our strong and enduring relationship with General Motors.”

The GM Supplier of the Year award began as a global program in 1992. Award winners are selected by a global team of executives from purchasing, engineering, manufacturing and logistics who base their decisions on supplier performance in Quality, Service, Technology and Price.

Total TRW South American automotive operations are comprised of nine sites and 4,600 employees. Two of these sites are Braking facilities, employing 1,750 people. In addition, TRW is the largest Braking company in Latin America.

The Company has been a GM supplier since 1971 and has received 19 Merit Award Certificates. Products supplied to General Motors Latin America by TRW’s South American Braking operations include: Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS), corner modules, braking actuation, calipers, drum brakes, rotors, valves and drums.

TRW Inc. (NYSE: TRW) provides advanced technology products and services for the global automotive, aerospace and information systems markets. The company, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the world’s largest independent automotive component suppliers.

TRW Automotive produces braking systems, steering and suspension systems and aftermarket replacement parts, electronic safety and security systems, occupant restraint systems, engineered fastening systems and engine components. The company’s news releases are available through TRW’s corporate Web site (