BMW expects to resume full production of the 3-series model on Tuesday after the end of a strike in eastern Germany at a supplier that stopped the delivery of transmissions, Bloomberg News said, while Reuters reported that VW production at various locations was expected to re-start on Monday and Tuesday.

BMW spokesman Marc Hassinger told Bloomberg News that the Munich-based car maker lost six days of 3-series production at plants in the cities of Munich, Regensburg and Dingolfing. BMW makes about 1,800 units a day, giving a total production loss of 10,800 vehicles, the report added.

According to the news agency, Germany’s IG Metall, Europe’s largest industrial union, called off a month-long strike over the weekend. The union had tried to get employers to cut the working week in eastern Germany to 35 hours from 38 hours, bringing it in line with western Germany, and the strike halted some production at BMW and Volkswagen AG, Bloomberg News added.

“We’ll have to see whether we can make up the production loss in the second half,” Hassinger told Bloomberg News, adding: “Right now, we don’t know.”

Separately, Reuters reported that Volkswagen, hit directly at its eastern Mosel and Chemnitz factories, said it would try to resume production there on Monday and at its headquarters in Wolfsburg in north-west Germany by Tuesday.

According to the report, Volkswagen said it could not produce 20,000 cars due to the strikes, while its subsidiary Audi said it had not had any outages due to the industrial action.