Bentley will build about 400 Continental Flying Spurs in Germany this year, reports Automotive News Europe.

Volkswagen‘s high-end luxury brand is using VW‘s Phaeton factory in Dresden as an overflow plant for Bentley.

“This year, we will have about 400 units of our new four-door Flying Spur built at Dresden,” said Bentley CEO Franz-Josef Paefgen. “That’s the only way we can avoid unreasonable delivery times.”

Bentley’s factory at Crewe, England currently is operating at full capacity.

The Dresden plant has spare capacity due to slow sales of the Phaeton.

Paefgen expects Bentley to build around 8,000 units this year, compared to 6,576 units in 2004.

Next year, Bentley will put more effort into the German market. Said Paefgen: “(In Germany) the number of customers with real buying power promises a high potential for sales.”