Porsche sees the Cayenne SUV as a major profit driver for the company, according to the company CEO’s comments reported by Reuters.

The Cayenne SUV, part of a collaborative effort with Volkswagen in which both makers spin off SUVs made at different sites, is due to be launched in the second half of 2002.

Porsche expects the Cayenne to unlock important new markets in the Middle East and South America and Wiedeking has said before that it will sell 25,000 annually, not only doing well in traditional markets but also driving sales in relatively untapped areas.

There is speculation that Porsche will launch a fourth model line to complement its current Boxster, 911 and Cayenne.

Sources in the supplier industry say that Porsche is preparing to expand its new Leipzig plant  – where the Cayenne will be built – in order to accommodate a new model.