Shareholder representatives on Porsche Automobil Holding SE's supervisory board want the supervisory board of Volkswagen AG to elect Hans Dieter Pötsch, currently a member of the executive board of Porsche SE and of Volkswagen AG, to the VW AG supervisory board at an extraordinary shareholder meeting in November 2015. A respective decision should also be taken at the supervisory board of Porsche SE, they said in a statement.

The plan is to installl Pötsch as chairman of the VW AG's supervisory board, replacing Ferdinand Piech who resigned at the end of April.  Pötsch would remain CFO of Porsche SE, the statement added.

Wolfgang Porsche, chairman of the Porsche SE supervisory board, said: “Hans Dieter Pötsch has the unrestricted trust of the entire supervisory board of Porsche SE. With his strategic vision and excellent automobile expertise he played a decisive part in the successful development of Volkswagen AG in the past years. We are convinced that he will also successfully promote the strategic advancement of Volkswagen AG in his future role.”