Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking will fight for his company and its staff if it merges with Volkswagen, he has said in an interview to be published on Thursday.

“In total agreement with the (controlling) families, we set a goal of creating an integrated group with Porsche and VW,” Wiedeking told the German monthly Cicero, according to news agency AFP.

“I think it is legitimate for each side to try and get the most out of it,” he added.

It was imported to remember, however, that “it was the management and staff of Porsche that furnished the financial means to create a Porsche-VW alliance,” Wiedeking stressed.

He said he would not “accept that Porsche is taken for a ride in the end.”

AFP noted that a growing number of rumours and reports based on unidentified sources have recently said Wiedeking would step down as Porsche CEO. The supervisory boards of both Porsche and VW are to meet separately on Thursday in Stuttgart.

Porsche might be integrated into VW, with Qatar also taking a stake, but with the combined group remaining under the control of the Porsche and Piech families.

Wiedeking opposes this plan while it is backed by Ferdinand Piech, head of the VW supervisory board.