Porsche has announced that it is adding another facility at its Zuffenhausen site. The company describes it as a ‘multifunctional facility’ needed to accommodate future engine production for the Panamera model.

Altogether, the new building, located at ‘Plant 2’ in Strohgäustrasse, will have more than 11,000 square meters of utilisable space on two levels and will be connected by a bridge to the engine plant in Adesstrasse. Until now, old warehouses have stood at the construction site, which have already been torn down, Porsche says.

Completion is scheduled for early 2008.

The Panamera model series will be launched on the market in 2009. The engine plant area will then exclusively be used for assembly of the drive units. Consignment sales of replacement parts for the engine assembly will be moved to the new facility. Driverless transportation systems and conveyer belts will transport the parts kits to be installed across a bridge to the engine plant. On the lower floor of the new facility, the pilot production line will be installed for prototype production, which presently is still located in Porsche’s ‘Plant 5’.

Porsche says that at a height of more than six meters, the new bridge will not interfere with public traffic along Strohgäustrasse. At the same time, it also contributes to a reduction of up to 90 truck trips each day between the Porsche plants.