The start date of a planned new CO2 emissions-based road tax in Germany is expected to be delayed beyond the beginning of 2008.


According to Automobilwoche, the three government ministries that are drawing up the new legislation are not expected to reach an agreement before the summer break, and an agreement by the end of the year also now seems unlikely.


A Green member of parliament was quoted as saying that it is ‘improbable that the new CO2 emissions-based road tax will be introduced during the current legislature”.


The three ministeries planning the tax are finance, environment and transport. The current road tax is based on engine size but plans for the new tax call for the amount to be directly related to CO2 emissions.

State authorities who collect the tax on behalf of the national government also have to agree to plans.


The automotive industry is blaming the severely depressed car market on the lack of decision on future CO2-related taxes.