Nissan is planning to introduce the Infiniti brand in Germany, the UK and Russia in 2008, according to a report in Automotive New Europe.

The report said that Nissan’s luxury brand will have three products at introduction: the FX45 SUV, a coupe derived from the G35 currently sold in the US and an unspecified sedan, citing Pierre Loing, general manager, product strategy and planning for Nissan Europe, as source.

Nissan will launch the Infiniti brand elsewhere in Europe after Germany, the UK and Russia, but has not determined the schedule, said Mario Canavesi, Nissan Europe vice president of sales and marketing.

“We are still doing market research on Europe, but we know these markets will be first,” he said, in remarks reported by Automotive News Europe.

Infiniti won’t schedule its launch in the rest of Europe until it is sure it has a diesel engine available, the report added.

Nissan is planning to turn Infiniti – now in the US only – into a global brand and plans to sell Infiniti branded cars in Asia as well as Europe.