Production of BMW’s new K1200 S high performance superbike started at the company’s motorcycle plant in Berlin on June 1.

However, the motorcycles currently being made will not go to customers but will be used for internal purposes including training and to perfect all processes to ensure the highest level of quality when the new model is officially launched in September.

The K1200 S is a new concept sports bike from BMW Motorrad and the second machine (after the R1200 GS launched in March) to reflect the new design philosophy of creating new motorcycles with more power, lighter in weight and with increased agility.

The K1200 S has a four cylinder, in line 1157cc engine developing 123kW (167 bhp) at 10,250 rpm and peak torque of 130Nm at 8,250 rpm.

To achieve a flat crankcase, the K1200 S has dry sump lubrication, allowing extremely low positioning of the engine with the cylinder bank angled forwards to 55 degrees to give the bike a low centre of gravity and consequently greater stability.

BMW claims the ‘cassette transmission’ construction of the integrated six-speed gearbox is unique for a production bike in this class.

Suspension and chassis technical highlights include the Duolever and electronically adjustable suspension.

The Duolever resembles a link square made up of two virtually parallel longitudinal links which are mounted in the frame so they can swivel and permit a precise up-and-down movement of the front wheel. This is mounted in an extremely rigid component, the so-called wheel carrier – a light component cast from high-strength aluminium alloy which is connected to the longitudinal links via two ball joints and performs the steering action.

In turn, a longitudinal link connected to the central spring strut is responsible for suspension and damping. The benefits of this system are extremely high rigidity, combined with low weight, and an ideal wheel and lift curve.

The ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) option is a BMW innovation. The spring preload and damping can be electronically adjusted at the press of a button on the handlebars.

This machine’s electrics are also extremely advanced. A series of functions is facilitated by the car-like CAN bus technology, which is simpler than conventional wiring systems and offers full diagnostics capability.

The K1200 Salso has a catalytic converter to reduce emissions, integral ABS and maintenance-free shaft drive.

The new bike will be available from BMW’s Motorrad dealers soon after the public launch at the INTERMOT motorshow in mid September.