Honeywell has launched its third generation VNT turbocharger – on BMW’s latest 1-series variant, the 120D. Honeywell is also supplying ‘Jurid’ brake pads with a new ‘Sandwich Metlock’ attachment.

The third generation VNT turbochargers have been developed specifically to match the trend towards smaller, cleaner and better performing engines. Changes include a new vane shape, a new turbine wheel and better controllability, combining to deliver 130% of boost levels at 90% of back pressure.

“Honeywell is planning to make a full range of the third generation turbochargers available for production launches in 2004 and beyond for engines ranging from 1 to 3.5 litres,” said a spokesman.

The Jurid Sandwich Metlock brake pad attachment is a development of Honeywell Friction Materials’ experience in using Metlock sinter bonding to attach the friction material to the steel backing plate of a disc brake pad. The new method of attachment enhances the overall strength of the pad assembly, particularly in high-temperature, heavy-duty applications.

The turbochargers and brake products are made by Honeywell Transportation Systems which reported $3.7 billion in revenues in 2003.