Ford’s new marketing chief, Volvo veteran Hans-Olov Olsson, aims to reduce buyer incentives in the United States, he was quoted as saying in a newspaper interview published on Monday, according to Reuters.

“I would rather see the US market have a constant 15-million-unit demand than inject it (with incentives) to 16 million or 17 million,” Olsson reportedly told Automotive News.

According to Reuters, he said the rebate battle in the world’s biggest car market fosters “an unsound business case” and “an unhealthy environment.”

The news agency noted that Olsson, 63, was set to retire from Volvo when he was drafted to help revive the fortunes of the second-biggest U.S. car maker.

“Ford has untapped potential,” Olsson was quoted as saying, according to Reuters. “It has 100 years of customer dedication and loyalty. I need to put myself in the context of globalisation, to see how Ford connects with the market and its customers.”