European vehicle sales continued to stagnate in February, pulled down by Germany’s passenger car segment, which is suffering from the effects of a higher VAT introduced this year, but, with only one month remaining in the current fiscal year, Mazda has sold 263,417 vehicles across Europe, up 8.2% and 20,028 units year on year.

However, retail sales volume at Mazda Motor Europe in February was 20,500, 4% below last year’s near-record results.

Last month 11 markets reported sales increases, with three markets setting February records. Significant sales growth continued in Russia, which set a record for February volume, at 3,262 units, up 59%. February volume records were also set in Austria (including south eastern European countries), at 1,900 units, up 6.3%, and Portugal, at 396 units, up 10% year-on-year.

Mazda Ireland momentum continued after its record January with an outstanding February, increasing sales by 32%. The brand continued to grow in popularity in northern Europe as well, with the Scandinavian organization reporting another strong month. Sales across the region were up 31% based on a volume of 1,340 units. The organization was led by Denmark, which achieved its record February for a decade, increasing sales by 44%. Retail sales in Norway were also positive, up 22%, and in Sweden up over 10%. In Finland (incl. all three Baltic countries) sales rose by nearly 21% year-on-year.

Sales were also good last month in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where combined volume was up 12%, and in Switzerland, where Mazda increased sales by 3% year-on-year.