Mazda’s European headquarters in Leverkusen is the site for the biggest event in the importer’s history, hosting a pan-European dealer event until 25 May, with over 5,000 people from 33 countries attending.

The event, which follows Mazda’s best sales results in Europe for 15 years, will unveil to the dealership network the new product line-up for 2007/8 and also provide a preview of future designs.

“We are delighted to welcome our dealers to this important event and for the chance to celebrate and strengthen our successful partnership with them,” said James Muir, president and CEO of Mazda Motor Europe.

“The theme of ‘One Team, One Vision, One Mazda’ will demonstrate our commitment to supporting this partnership, and will be instrumental in helping our dealers continue to profit from their investment in the Mazda brand.”

The venue will take place on company grounds in a 13,000 m² warehouse that has been specially converted to hold a number of unique zones – including a showroom for presenting upcoming models, an auditorium and a dining hall.

Leverkusen was chosen for the event as it is located in the heart of the Rhineland, Germany’s commercial powerhouse region. It is also one of Europe’s richest cultural and historic locations, and the event will give dealers the chance to get to know the area better, if they choose.