German truckmaker MAN has started operations today (21 April) in its EUR35m (US$46.8m) new development centre for engine designers in Nuremberg.

The new design and development centre has 16 test beds for engines and one for vehicles and development laboratories, as well as workspace for 150 staff, expanding capacity by around 30%.

“Thanks to our new engine development centre we will be able to master development challenges even better,” said MAN director research & development Bernd Maierhofer.

“In the first instance these will involve the stringent emission limits such as those of the Euro 6 standard, but also the growing range of requirements placed on engines.”

With the 16 new engine test beds, engineers are now able to move more measuring runs off the road and onto the test beds.

The beds deliver 620 kW and a maximum torque of 4,000 Nm, while also simulating extreme humidity, heat and cold shocks.

Besides the measurement of emission values, consumption and the development of pulling power can equally be optimised

Technology in the centre recovers energy three-fold – as electricity, as heat and as cold.

For example, absorption chillers use the heat given off by the engines for cooling purposes, while braking energy generated on the test beds is converted into electricity and fed into the building’s power grid.