Peter Harbig, chairman of the board of the insolvent Wilhelm Karmann GmbH has resigned from his position.

A statement from the German company said he had left the board of management on good terms with the insolvency administrator Ottmar Hermann.

Harbig will take on new professional challenges.

The management of the company is now completely in the hands of the insolvency administrator.

“Hermann will primarily focus on safeguarding the liquidity and obtaining new orders for the business’ vehicle engineering, convertible roof systems and metal group units. Business operations will be continued without reservations,” the statement read.

In June the contract convertible assembly specialist built its last car – a CLK convertible for Mercedes-Benz.

Karmann, founded in 1901, has built more than 3.3m convertibles since 1949, including the famous Volkswagen Karmann Ghias and Beetles, Ford Escorts, Mercedes CLKs and Audi cabriolets.

The recent collapse of global auto markets sealed the company’s fate and it filed for insolvency on 8 April this year, saying it would focus on automotive parts production to try and stay in business.