German industrial union IG Metall will resume negotiations with employers on Wednesday, but media reports suggest that there is little hope that an all-out strike over pay and working hours can be averted at this stage. Further negotiations later this month are likely.

IG Metall will meet with employers for a sixth round of talks in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

IG Metall said brief stoppages to pressure employers during talks would continue at more than 100 plants, hitting carmakers BMW, DaimlerChrysler and Opel, Reuters reported.

Talks between the union and employers have stalled after employers offered IG Metall less than half its claim for a four percent pay rise for 3.5 million industrial workers this year.

The union is making it clear that today’s talks are not the last chance to avert an all-out strike and the union would ballot its members on industrial action if no deal has been concluded by the end of February. That is something that observers believe is unlikely.