Ford-Werke AG plant at Niehl in Cologne has produced over 23 million engines
since production began in 1962.

The 23 millionth engine, a 4.0 litre, 204bhp V6 unit, was exported to the US,
destined for the engine bay of an Explorer SUV.

Ford Germany has been producing six-cylinder engines for American models since
1987. Today 1,860 employees assemble 2,832 engines in three shifts around the
clock, with an annual capacity of approximately 640,000 units.

These engines are installed in the Explorer and Ranger at assembly plants in
Louisville, St.Louis, Twin City, Edison and Detroit.

Niehl engine volume is to be increased further later this year.

From October 2001, 3,010 units will be made each day, an annual capacity of
approximately 680,000 engines.

For this, Ford-Werke AG has invested over DM102 million ($US46.3 million) in
96 new assembly machines.

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