German chemicals giant, Evonik Industries, has put forward several, limited alternatives to its Nylon 12 resin product, following the recent fatal explosion at its partially-destroyed Marl factory that killed two employees.

Availability of new products is now more urgent than ever, following Evonik’s announcment last night (26 April) that Nylon 12 production would not now start until October at the earliest after previously mulling a July date to just-auto.

Suppliers around the world have been urgently assessing the fallout from the dramatic disruption to the availability of Nylon 12, that is used for coatings and connector applications in automotive fuel handling and brake systems.

Evonik is offering various substitutes for the resin but it transpires these will only be available in small – and unspecified – quantities as the partially-destroyed plant is repaired.

“The extrusion and injection moulding compounds based on PA 610, PA 612, PA 1010 and PA 1012 do not require CDT as precursor,” said an Evonik statement. “They are particularly suitable for use in line systems in the automotive supply industry, including multi-layer tubing systems .

“One such substitute is the bio-based Vestamid Terra, already being used by the automotive industry. The materials offered feature technical properties comparable with those of PA 12 and have similar processability.”

The chemicals manufacturer said it would “stand by its customers” to support them in the selection and qualification process of alternative materials and in minimising the impact on supply chains. 

Earlier this week, Evonik told just-auto the plant could be operational again by July, but the producer is now confirming the earliest re-start date is expected to be in October.

Regulatory authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident.