Delphi Corp. this week launched its first digital tachograph at the International Auto Show (IAA) Commercial Vehicles 2004 in Hanover.

The digital tachograph is a central control unit which stores journey times, driving and resting times, as well as vehicle speed and other data. Drivers use a personalised ID card to operate the tachograph and police can examine the data recorded by using a master card.

The Delphi Grundig-branded digital tachograph will be available in Europe from 2005 to coincide with the official introduction of the new European Union standard (EEC 3821/ 85 Annex 1B) that states all new heavy-goods vehicles above 3.5 tons in weight must have a digital tachograph. The change in the law is to prevent tampering with mechanical tachographs and to make the monitoring of driving and rest times easier for truck operators and government officials.

Delphi Grundig has partnered with Semmler GmbH TachoControl to sell and support the new digital tachograph. TachoControl, an experienced manufacturer of measuring equipment, will authorise and train inspection centre staff and equip workshops with the required calibration equipment.

Delphi Grundig plans further development in logistical processes and telematic technologies. It is a supplier of on-board units for the world’s first satellite-based toll collection system and provides the hardware which sets the standards for this type of equipment.

The development and integration of information and data processing systems for the entire vehicle, as well as the wireless connection of mobile terminal equipment and data media, will be a major focus for Delphi Grundig’s transport and traffic unit in future.